Growing Pains


I used to think about it
as an end point
“they fell in love”
and then they were in it.
a quick fall and whoosh:

that was before
I ever tripped, skipped, hopped climbed, sprinted, and got tangled head to toe
in this thing called love
because there’s no straight and easy falling involved.
you can fall in fuck.
not in love

has growing pains
that simple, sweet
tingle in your heart
spreads all over
in time,
the love reaches your fingers
with which you caress his face
that love reaches your mind
with which you plan shared futures
that love stretches out each organ, vein, and crevice of your soul

sometimes it hurts
the jealousy, the pure need, the longing
like the pain of a new tooth coming in
love growth needs time to adjust,
to settle in its place

right now
I feel our love growing
I hear it stretching,
preparing to strengthen yet again
as I rub my cheek against his scruffy sleeping face
and smell the familiar scent which is him
and smile at those closed, sunken eyes
that beautiful beautiful boy

in those early morning moments
before the first light
I ‘fall’
a little deeper


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