Poetry Matters.

There are those who ask-
Why not say it straight?
Why complicate with abstract words
With metaphors and similies
Strung together with the threads
Of rhythm and rhyme

I’ll tell you why.
Because there is something inside all of us
That cannot be explained
Something in our soul
That transcends simple sounds.
That energy, that depth,
The vibration in our being.

So we try our best
To capture that something,
To chase its shadows
With our alliterations and adjectives

And we hope that when we write and you read,
You feel it too

That something inside of us
That cannot be explained.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Matters.

Add yours

  1. YES! Sometimes I feel like poetry is dying out and how sad that is. Poetry allows us to express ourselves. There is a difference between saying “I am happy” and “my soul dances with the light and I feel the warmth of her embrace”. Poetry is beautiful!! 🙂


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